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When Cape Cod Men Saved Lives

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When Cape Cod Men Saved Lives.... E. C. Janes.... 96 pages ....Middle School

This is a story about a young man from Wellfleet who joins the Life Savers and moves into the small barracks
at the Life Saving Station at Cahoons Hollow, Wellfleet.  The Life Savers preceded the Coast Guard, with a station such
as the ones at Cahoons Hollow and at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.  There was a station every 8 miles along a 1300
mile stretch of the Atlantic coastline, and the men patroled the beach in between every night in all weather looking for
shipwrecks.  Days, they practiced with rescue equipment to be ready at a moment's notice if a ship sank. The book has
a lot of interesting historical information about the way the men lived, worked,and aved lives and hints at what Wellfleet
was like at the turn of th 20th century with just dirt cart tracks leading to the ocean coast.  

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