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In the past, we've made Trip Insurance information available at our office and in our blog, but few if any tenants have
taken advantage this opportunity to protect what is usually your largest vacation expense.  As stated in the rental lease,
a tenant is responsible for the entire amount agreed upon.  This means if you break a leg a couple of weeks before
you're due to go on vacation, you still owe the balance if you've only made the initial 50% deposit.  Of course we
attempt to re-rent the property, but if we aren't able to, you must pay the full amount.  If we do re-rent, you're liable
for 10% of the rent plus the booking fee.  Travel Insurance covers your rental expense if you have to cancel because
of unforeseen events such  accidents or illness, which are by far the most common reasons for last-minute cancellations.
The individual policy will tell whether it covers an employer canceling continuing education; it generally does NOT cover
you if your boss decides you're needed in the office and can't go away.  Destruction of your home or office by fire and
other such unpredicable emergencies will be determined by the policy.

Trip Insurance has its own standard deductions, restrictions, and rules.  However, with vacations getting more expensive,
and spending money stretching tighter and tighter to cover your annual get-away, we think it's a good idea to budget this
into your trip planning.  It's no longer just for the "cruise of a lifetime"; it is, and should be, for everyone.  Think about it.

The Trip Store is one of several companies offering trip insurance, and was the first to extend insurance coverage
to cottage tenants.  Visit their website,
for more information about insuring your summer rental.

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