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The Good Giants and the Bad Puckwudgies

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The Good Giants and the Bad Puckwudgies.... Jean Fritz.... 38 pages.... Grades 4 to 6

Long before Europan exporers and tradesmen sailed to the "New World", Cape Cod was inhabited by the
Wampanoag (womp-a-no-egg) Indians.  They have many legends that have been passed down through the
years in many versions, but no matter which version you hear there will be a giant god named Maushop (maw-shop)
who falls asleep and gets sand in his moccasins.  In his restless sleep, he tosses and turns, forming the dunes, the
lakes, and shape of the Cape.  Waking, he empties the sand from his moccasins, tossing it into the ocean to make the
islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.  With this legend, this book for upper elementary grades begins a story that
weaves elements from several Wampanoag legeds together.

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