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The Disappearing Island

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The Disappearing Island....Corinne Demas....Upper Elementary, Jr.High.... 29 pages....Hard cover

Children anywhere would enjoy this story about a grandmother, a granddaughter, and a special outing to a special island.
But it has extral meaning here because the island is Billingsgate.  It is now only a sandbar that appears at low tide off
the far end of Wellfleet's Great Island (part of the Cape Cod National Seashore).   But it was the original location of the
town of Wellfleet until time and tide gradually wore the sand down and the sea carried the houses and lighthouse away.
(All that's left are six houses in Wellfleet that were dismantled piece by piece and rafted to the new town.)  

Younger children will enjoy hearing someone read them the story of grandmother and granddaughter, their trip to the island
which can now only be reached by boat, and their picnic and beachcombing.  Older kids will enjoy reading the book and follow
more of the island's history.

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