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The Cape Cod Mystery

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The Cape Cod Mystery... Phoebe Atwood Taylor... Adult paperback

This may be the first of what became a string of Asey Mayo who-dunnits.  It's a murder mystery set in Wellfleet
somewhere in the early third of the 1900s.  The main characters are a lady who is the epitome of the "summer person"
of that era who knows nearly as much about the town as its year-rounders, but is still not quite accepted, and an old codger
who is part fisherman, part handyman, and 100% smarter than he looks or talks.  The town has enough hints to be real, with
places that resemble the real thing, such as the old A&P on the corner of Main Street, and enough characters woven from
real persons, possibly Doc Callis. the town doctor and medical examiner ( with a few fictional flaws added) to make it seem
familiar.  As literature it might not be far up the list, but as a good yarn set among the reticent Cape Codders, it captures the character of the town.

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