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The amount of parking space available at our public beaches is limited, and increasingy so with the erosion caused by every severe coastal winter storm. As it is, the early beachgoer gets the parking spot and not everyone is always happy, but if people were able to drive from nearby towns or even from over the Canal and take the parking places, our local residents and visitors would be shut out of their own beaches...a privilege for which they have paid with taxes or rent. All towns, and the National Seashore, govern the use of their available beach access as carefully and fairly as possible through the use of BEACH PARKING STICKERS, which must be purchased in order to use the parking facilities.

The Beach Sticker actually belongs to the car for which it is purchased, allowing that vehicle access to available parking. It must match the car license plate; swapping or borrowing it are not options.

Written proof of temporary occupancy is provided by a landlord, real estate agent, property manager, or owner so that a temporary resident of the town can purchase a sticker and the rights and privileges of beach parking in the town where the tenant is staying. Other than a few pay-per-day parking areas, it is not possible to gain access to beaches at any other town's beaches.

The policy at Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) beaches is different.  These beaches are open to everyone in the US using a combination of passes and daily fees.   To get the best understanding of the passes available, go to
  Be sure to check for annual passes and senior passes a well as local CCNS passes.

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