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Once in a while, we do hear from people who are coming alone and would consider sharing a cottage to consolidate expenses.  These requests are rare, and they have never come in close enough proximity to put two people in touch with each other, even if we were in a position to do so.  However, we do occasionally get calls from local people who have seen our business mentioned in the Cape Cod Institute brochure, are themselves mental health professionals, and would consider opening their homes to people who share the same interests.  These are NOT Bed and Breakfast facilities.  There is no food provided, and no access to common areas such as the kitchen has been mentioned, just a  bedroom or bedrooms and usually a private bath.

We are not in a position to broker such arrangements, nor are we comfortable about listing properties where one will be gaining access to an occupied house.  This is a very individual arrangement which involves establishing privacy limits and discussing personal habits (smoking, late night TV, etc.).  However, we will pass along phone numbers of local people who have expressed an interest in home-sharing to anyone who asks.  Please remember...these are not arrangements made through our office, we are not familiar with the properties involved, and we can not take responsibility for any difficulties that arise from such pairings.

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