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We have recently begun referring to Outside Showers as "Shore Showers" because their very mention seems to conjure up an image of outdoor plumbing to people who have never before traveled to a vacation area where they are in common use.  For those of you new to our area, in addition to the facilities in our bathrooms, whether  a standing shower or tub and shower, many cottages offer showers outside the building, usually on an outside wall, for rinsing off salt and sand.  These extra showers serve a serious purpose, lowering the amount of waste water that flows to the cesspool or septic tank; they also keep sand off the floor and out of the drains and can be a lot of fun for kids!  Outside showers can be no more than a pipe from an outside faucet up to a shower head (cold water only), or they may be an elaborate enclosure with a separate dressing room area and both hot and cold water, or anything in-between. Ideally, for the "initiated", a shower is at least enclosed for privacy and has hot and cold water.

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