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For most purposes, the amounts on the lease indicate the amount of rent you are paying the owner for the time that you
will be occupying the property and are adequate for your records.  However, those of you who are here to take continuing
education courses may need a receipt indicating either the full amount you have paid, including our administrative fee, or the percentage of that amount for which you have been or will be reimbursed.  Please request an "Institute" Receipt when you
pay your balance and/or pick up the key to the rental.  A receipt will be emailed to you at home (or faxed if so requested)
about 2 weeks after you have checked out.  Unless you request a breakdown, the receipt will be for the full amount paid.
If several persons are renting together while attending a seminar, the receipt can be divided.  Partial-amount receipts take
longer, especially if they have to be sent to separate addresses.  This is a courtesy, and it is possible that the requests can be misplaced in the confusion of the summer season.  If you do not receive your receipt within three weeks of checking out,
please email us so that we can issue a new one.  (Receipts MUST BE REQUESTED while you are here. It is not automatic.)

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