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Please do not assume that we will ask if you have a pet, or that if we do not do so, that pets are allowed.  We rent to people, and it is up to people to tell us if they want to bring a pet.  Please keep in mind that it may not be an ideal vacation for your pet, however, because the places a pet can travel with its owners are very limited.  Few beaches or other public areas make any allowance for pets; others have restrictions*.  When we say "Pets", we are referring to dogs.  Cats are generally not allowed in rental properties as the potential for allergic reactions among future tenants is too great.  Other "critters" might be allowed by consulting the owner of a pets-allowed propery, but as a general rule, any small creature that might leave "memories" while out of a cage is generally not permitted.

   We will make every attempt to find a property that will allow your dog.  Nauset Boarding Kennels in Eastham will board your dog and  allow it to be taken out during the day and returned at night, should you find some non-beach activity you can share.  Many people think we worry about damages, but that has little to do with the non-pet rules.  One major consideration is allergies...for the people who come after the pet.  Another is fleas, which can stay dormant for a very long time after a pet leaves and reappear during periods of high temperatures and humidity or when a cottage is closed up for a period of time.

There are large populations of deer, coyotes, and other wild creatures out here, including several varieties of ticks.  Pets can contract Lyme Disease, heartworm, and even rabies from wild animals or insects.  Owners who do allow dogs require that a pet be on a preventive veterinary prescription for fleas and ticks for at least a full month before arriving.  We strongly urge owners who bring dogs to discuss your visit to this area with your vet several months ahead and to be sure your dog is fully protected against heartworm and to whatever degree possible against Lyme Disease long enough ahead to develop their effect.

Please respect our owners' pet preferences.

*Dogs are allowed at National Seashore beaches.  However, you must walk quite a distance along the back of the beach to well  beyond the furthest life guard station before settling down.  This is the hottest sand and can burn the pads your dog's feet to the point of injury.  Be prepared to carry your pup if you must bring him.  

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