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Olive's Ocean

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Olive's Ocean.... Kevin Henkes.... 217 pages ....High School

Olive was a shy 12 year old girl who had no friends.  Her young life ended suddenly before this story begins when she was
hit by a car.  Martha is a classmate who was sought out by Olive's mother after her death because a diary entry said that
of all her classmates, Olive liked Martha best.  Her diary revealed her greatest hopes, to be friends with martha during the next schoool year and to see an ocean, any ocean.

Martha considers herself just a normal person, maybe even a bit plain, and certainly no one special.  Not long after t
incident, Martha's family travels to Cape Cod to spenda  vacation at her grandmother's.  During the vacation, Martha
grows up a bit,  discovers the difference between a crush and true friendship, get to know herself and her family a bit
better (which is, of course, all part of growing up), and finds a way to settle an ache in her heart over Olive's never
getting to see an ocean.

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