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5 4th Ave., Wellfleet

The Nichols cottage is on Lt. Island in Wellfleet. This little island is especially loved by those who enjoy letting Mother Nature assist in your daily plans. It is reached via a causeway, a road created by filling in a salt marsh to an elevation where cars can cross the marsh to come and go at most tides. Halfway from mainland Wellfleet to the island is a salt creek with a one lane bridge. One must always bear in mind the old adage: “Time and tide wait for no man.” Twice a month, on new moon and full moon, when the moon affects the earth's gravity, high tides run higher (deeper) than other times, and the causeway can be covered with water. How long this makes the road impassible depends on the height of the tide. Occasionally a storm will sweep over our area at other times, and an onshore wind can elevate the depth of the water, also covering the causeway at high tide.

Those who choose to reside on the island always have a tide calendar handy. Tide calendars tell the AM and PM high and low tides, moon phases, and the height of the tides. You don't want to head out for an evening on the town, only to have to wait for the tide to recede, which could take several hours if the tide's still rising. You live by the tides. Nothing is going to rush the tide into turning so you can go somewhere. This only happens about 8 to 10 days a month and might not affect a vacation, but if it does, island residents and visitors love knowing they might as well relax and enjoy the island setting. Some people do find it too constricting to be unable to go somewhere on a whim or for an appointment, but we can check the tides for any date to let you know if you might have any “on island” times, and pretty soon you'll appreciate knowing that sometimes you can do nothing but relax and enjoy yourself.

The Nichols cottage is made for relaxing. There's lots of space, expansive vistas, plenty of fesh salt air, and views from nearly every window. The 4 bedroom, 2 bath cottage sleeps 10. The living area is large and there are decks on almost every side. The beach is a short walk. You might not ever want to leave. You'll have cable TV, WiFi, gas grill, and AC to add to your comfort as well as dishwasher and laundry for convenience.

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