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Isabel of the Whales....Hester Velmans... 173 pages Junior/Senior High... paperback

Isabel is a very ordinary (or as she says, "plain") 12-year-old girl from Provincetown, MA who has always loved whales.  
Instead of dolls or stamps or horses, she collects whales:  little glass whales, whale posters, and whale-like stuffed animals.  
Every year the 5th graders go on a whale watch, and after jealously watching her older brothers go on the whale watching
boats year after year, it is finally her turn.  But Isabel leans too far over the railing and falls into the ocean where she learns
she is a rare person, a "mermaid" (which means 'sea girl' to whales), who can live in the water.  In her time among the whales
she learns a lot about whales and a lot about humans.  

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