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Internet is not universally aaiable in rentals out here, and likely never will be.  Some cottages are too remote for cable to
be installed, and satellite internet is not available on a seasonal basis.   The eastern coast, or Atlantic Ocean side, is
within the boundaries of the Cape Cod National Seashore to a distance of about a mile inland.  Under National Park Service
rules, there can be no digging or trenching, so cable can't be laid.  Although telephones preceded the formation of the CCNS,
laying underground fiberoptic cable is not allowed.  

Our office is a WiFI Hotspot.  There's a pleasant,  shady back yard behind the office with tables and chairs.  In rainy weather,
we have an indoor room where you may sit to go on line.  Our WiFi's connected 24/7 and extends about 10 yards from our
office in every direction, so yu can ever go on line in your car. The network name and password are posted on our front door.
For those of you attending the Cape Cod Institute, there's also WiFi right at the high school where the seminars are.  You have
to sign up and receive a password. After that, it's available from 8 AM to 2 PM every day that the Institute is in session.

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