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Important 2020 info

Something to keep in mind for 2020:  It is not just Leap year, it is an unusual Leap Year.  It is going to affect rentals in 2 ways. To understand how it affects vacations,yu have to think a bit about Earth's calendar.  A calendar year is 365 and 1/4 days long, the time it takes Earth to orbit the sun.   For convenience, we call it 365 days,and every 4 years we add a full day to get rid of the accumulted frctions.
The extra day is the "leap" in leap year.   But the calendar does not just leap, it also jumps occasionally, though not as often.  And on rare occasions it leaps and jumps the same year.  2020 is one of those leaping jumping years.

If you take your vacation the same week every year, you know that it does not begin on the same day every time.  A year is "about 52 weeks long".  it is not exactly 52 weeks because 52 weeks is only 364 days.  You begin your next vacation 52 weeks (364 days) after the current vacation, so you actually come one day sooner each succeeding year.  if your vacation was August 4 to 11 one year, it will be August 3 to 10 the next year.  But when Leap year adds an extra day, you come two days sooner (366 - 364).  

Labor Day is always the first Monday in September. Like your vacation, it happens every 364 days and is a day earlier evey year except Leap Year when the extra day mkes it two days earlier.  since 2020 is leap Year, it should be two days earlier than in 2019. Labor Day is September 2 in 2019.  It seems it should be september 1 in 2020, but since 2020 is Leap Year, it has to come 2 days sooner.  And there is no "
2 days sooner" as that would move it to August, so it jumps to September 7, a week later.  

This is where it gets complicated for vacationers  An in-season rental you make in 2019 is calculated from the first week before Labor Day (beginning August 24) to the 10th week before Labor Day (beginning June 29).  In 2020, dates are figured the same way, but with labor Day coming later, so will the vacation weeks.  if you request to rebook your 2019 cottage for 2020, in most circumstances you will arrive later. Week 1 will be August 29 to September 4.  Someone renting August 24 to 31 in 2019 will come August 29 to September 5 in 2020.  those who arrive august 17 in 2019 will stay from August 22 to 29 in 2020 and so forth for each week back to the beginning of summer.  Then for the next few years you will arrive a day earlier each year, 2 days earlier in 2024, the next Leap Year.  In 2025, you would come from August August 23 to 30 if it were not for another correction.  During whatever year the 10th in-season week back from Labor Day becomes pretty much entirely in June, we lose an in-season week and sxramble to fit everyone in.  but that is a few years away.  You may like the week you have and not want to change in 2020,but businesses with shutdown periods and some others assign vacation weeks to follow the calendar.  Tenants before and/or after you may be required to jump ahead.   Please be prepared to think in terms of clendr weeks.  
These adjustments are needed to keep each tenant arriving at approximately the same time each year.  Without it an August tenant would eventually arrive in May or earlier although that would take over 50 years.

By the way, another note about a situation created by Earth's calendar that is just an oddity.  Whenever the 4th of July falls on a Saturday, Labor Day will jump to September 7th.  Labor Day can only fall on the 7th when the July holiday is on Saturday.

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