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Ghost Ship

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Ghost Ship.... Mary Higgins Clark.... 35 pages.... Upper Elementary

Written by an author who is well known for her adult mystery books, many of which take place on the Cape, Ghost
Ship is a  beautifully illustrated story about a young boy who finds an antique belt buckle that had washed ashore over
200 years before and lay hidden in the beach sand.  As he chips away the crust of shells and rust the ocean has built
around the old buckle, a boy appears and tells his story.  Back when he was the same age, he discovered Mooncussers were
planning to scuttle a sailing ship on rocks off the beach.  Mooncussers hate the moon because it provides enough light to
navigate a ship into port.  On dark moonless nights they set traps for sailors by putting lights out on the beach near big rocks
that fooled the men on the ship into thinking they were seeing the lights of town.  When the ship crashed into the rocks,
they stole the cargo and anything else of value.  The ghost boy and his friends saved the ship, and the belt buckle had been
his reward.  

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