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Directional Devices

You may be tempted to use maps such as Mapquest to find the location of the summer rental properties or enter their
addresses into a GPS unit. These methods have severe drawbacks out on the lower end of Cape Cod. We suggest you
use the hand-drawn maps linked to each of our listings. Comparing our little maps to the details on larger maps will give
you a much better idea of the location. Both the Internet maps and the GPS system are incorrect a large percent of  the
time. Differences may range from the wrong location on the correct street to linking the property to an address in the wrong
area of the town to giving incorrect directions.

Many roads on the Outer Cape were laid as long ago as Colonial times and have ceased to exist entirely or have become
rights-of-way over developed property. These are called "paper roads". Other roads indicated on the GPS were drawn as
of earlier property development and are now private driveways. Some roads exist, but are one-lane dirt country roads that
lead to cottages deep in the woods. Directions on GPS units and on-line driving directions tend to treat these totally
inappropriate passages as shortcuts.

In addition, the methodology of the GPS system is to select a base name for a road and add other details later. Thus East Hill
Road in Wellfleet is listed as "Hill Road", but there are also a "Hill Street" and a "Hiller Ave." in that town as will as Mill Hill,
Liam Hill, etc. In Eastham, one of our rental cottages is on West Shore Road. "West Shore" is the name of the road, since it is
on the bay side, and the Atlantic Ocean is considered the eastern shore. Since the directional devices eliminate what they
consider to be directional locations on a street, this cottage shows up in Mapquest at the other end of town, 8 miles away,
on Shore Road.

To make things even worse, we have a lot of estuaries and inlets making the coasts uneven.  GPS does not always take
this into account, so you might end up at the end of one road looking across the water at the road you want to be on.  

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