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A rental is secured wiith a deposit.  The amount is 50% of the rent.  In a one-week rental, this is the same as half a week's rent.  In the case of two or more weeks, the amount is half of each week's rent, with the balance for all weeks due and payable on or before arrival.  If there is less than a month beteeen reeving and arriving, the full amount, including extra fees and charges, is due.  The agreement to pay a deposit removes the agrred upon dates time from th avilable to others to rent.

When you sign a lease, you are committing yourself to paying the total amount of the rent.   If you are unsure of your abi;ity to commit, do not pay your deposit.  our leases are issued after the deposit is received and acts as a confirmtion and receipt, so the lease must be signed and returned within a reasonable period of time.  The lease then goes to the owner, who by cashing or depositing our deposit check, has likewise committed to the rental.  When the owner returns a signed lease to our office, the rental is confirmed by both parties.  However,iti is reasonable to assume that a lease can be mailed signed and returned within 10 business days, so if either party lingers, it cpuld be to their disadvantage.

Our office is in possession of the lease signed by both parties. and a copy is available on request.  Once the lease is signed by both parties, should you cancel, you are still responsible for the balance due unless the cottage is re-rented.  Some, but not all,
owners will make exceptions for the death or catastrophic illness of a member of the renting party.  We strongly suggest
that you consider trip insurance when making your summer reservations.

DEPOSITS:  Our cancellation policy is derived from the way a cottage is rented.  Unlike motel rooms or cottage colonies
that are units in a commercial property, each summer rental is privately owned and your deposit is sent to the property
owner in return for his guarantee that the property will be held for you.  Therefore, should you cancel, we are only able
to refund your deposit if we are able to re-rent the time you have reserved.  Refunds are less the Booking fee and 10%
of the total rent.  (Compassionate refunds may vary.)

(See FAQ:  Planning Ahead:  How can I obtain trip insurance?)

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