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Blue Moon

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Blue Moon....Hila Feil

This very unusual book for high school readers might stir some and offend others.  It describes Wellfleet as it is today in
an unusually candid way, mentioning the conflicting attitudes of some long time Cape Codders and some new residents.  One of
the main  supporting charcacters is a builder by trade and an artist in his spare time.  At one point in the story he is on the
outer beach of Wellfleet's bay side, which relatively few people ever visit,  capturing one of those particularly vivid and
exquisite sunsets the Outer Cape is famous for...with charcoal.  As he explains, he's tried all the other media ,oils,
water colors, etc.  All were a disappointment as none could come close to the glory of Nature's artistry.  But when he looks at his black and white sketches, his mind fills in the colors.  This is the attitude the main character, a girl of 15, takes toward the immense new
summer homes breaking up the graceful lines of the land, that they can never compete with Nature and win, so they must
be competing among themselves for some unknown reward.

There's a bit of mystery, a bit of romance, and a whole lot of growing up and acceptance of change in a believable tale about the mystical powers of Billlingsgate Island, the sunken sandbar off the end of Great Island where the the original town of Wellflleet was built.

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