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Unless agreed to beforehand, all balances must be in the form of a certified check or personal money order.  (Most,
but not all, owners will accept personal checks from returning tenants with a good rental history.)  

The check-in letter will tell you the name the check should be payable to.  To make up for not requiring balance payments
well in advance, we mail the balance checks to the owners as soon as you arrive.  Therefore all payments must be in a
form that can be mailed directly to the owner.  Cash, Travelers Checks, and checks made payable to our office cannot be
mailed directly and so they are not acceptable forms of payment.  

Note:  If you live in a foreign country where International Money Orders cannot be readily obtained, we will take cash or
or Travelers Checks made payable to our office.  To protect you, Travelers Checks must be signed in our presence.

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