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What started out as an abbreviation of "Web Log" grew up to be the notorious "Blog".  Like its cousin, Rumor, its favorite food is Opinion, and Fact often is nowhere to be seen when Blog is around.  Wouldn't it be better to call such writing "Tattle"?  That's an acronym for "Truth According To The Log Editor".  Anyway, this blog brings you things the way I see them.  Like a clipper ship sailing from port to port and bringing mail and news and anything else you can get onboard, this is eay a magazine that tries to bring to all of you any local news that might interest you or affect your vacation    There's also information you might need, like local dial up numbers for your laptops and links to newspapers around the country.  And pictures of the Cape just to get you wishing you were already here, together with what to do if you ARE here and your refrigerator dies.  Please take a look; it's still under construction, and probably always will be, because life changes with every breath we take.  Read it like a magazine, or refer to it as a guide.   There's some downright useful information and some fun stuff, too!


                 WELLFLEET and EASTHAM ...The Nature Towns


Step into our playroom!  Come aboard with me to see some of the moods of the Cape Cod National Seashore towns of Eastham and Wellfleet.  

Table of Contents  (Pages will be indexed by links as they are written. There is also a clickable index and a link back to our website at the bottom of every page.)

You are here:  An index of all of our news and notes

Around Town:  Notes we think are important:  Things we've come across that you might need to know in a brief form

"To Be Continued...."  Stories we're following as they evolve...the kind that just go on and on.  The Wind Farm, the new Whydah Museum, and extending the Room Occupancy Tax to include cottages are some past and current examples.

Coffee Break:  Keeping in touch with back home
Links to our local newspapers and papers from all over the country, and local dial up numbers for major ISPs.

The Mechanics of Country Living:
How to avoid things going wrong, and what to do if you can't.  This is a manual for living in a vacation cottage in a rural area.  It covers everything from plumbing problems to identifying local insects (and other pests) and learning their bad habits and bad habitats.

Salt, Sand, and Suggestions:
Things you need to know about pets, traffic, linens, first aid...hints for things that have no categories.

You'll Want to See Cape Cod, Naturally!
Of course you'll be going to the beach, whether Atlantic Ocean ("Back Shore"), Cape Cod Bay, or the deep clear ponds dug by glaciers scattered in between our shore fronts, but the Cape has so much more to outdoors to offer that you'll never see it all.  Take advantage of the Information Booths in every town and the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitors' Center before you come and while you're here.  They have web sites, they mail color brochures, they give phone advice, and, of course, they're open daily in season just to help you see everything.  Don't miss the Cape Cod Rail Trail and other bicycle experiences, the White Cedar Swamp Trail for a beautiful woodsy walk, or the sandy foreverness of Wellfleet's Great Island.  Check our tide calendar to know when the surf is up at the ocean, when the swimming tide is in on the bay, and when the fish'll be biting...if they are!  (Only the fish can really answer this one.)  Beach sticker info will be here when it becomes available.

The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind
Here I may write an article about something I find interesting, or maybe summarize something I read in a Cape Cod magazine.  At the end, I've tucked some of the news clips from previous years that I'm just not ready to delete in case they trigger the urge to look into what's happening in the future or just remind us of what happened in the past...the Wellfleet fireworks news, the meteor showers.

Where Cape Codders Go...when they go anywhere!
It's the best test of where you want to go too, right?  Well, the short answer is anyplace with lots of pickup trucks probably serves good food and good beverages.  Shellfishermen work up a pretty big appetite out on the flats or in the draggers...it's HARD work!  And the carpenters and plumbers aren't far behind when it comes to tracking down the good chow.  For other ideas, click this link.

Rainy Days and Lazy Ways--the Parents' Page:
I'm working on ideas for this page and will add more when I get a chance.  Of course, I'll take ideas from you.  Just make the games short, suitable for cars or rainy day kitchens and couches, and full of ideas that come straight from your kids' Cape Cod experiences.

Seafood is Soul Food!
If you have any doubts, just head for the closest restaurant and you'll be humming along with Patti Page!  There's more variety with seafood than with land food...in type, cooking methods, and all the wonderful and varied accompaniments...but almost nothing beats a mound of fried clams with  lots of tartar sauce, sitting at a picnic table on the way home from the beach, except maybe a bib-tucking lobster feed with melted butter, except maybe the most delicate scallops warmed in a rich, seasoned cream sauce by candlelight, except maybe a deep bowl of homemade chowder on a rainy evening.  (No, we do NOT say "chowdah"--that's Boston-speak!   But we do know how to advertise and get your attention!  By the way, we say "skol-lop" not "skah-lup", and the critter between the two hard shells is a "ko-hog".)  These are some of my personal recipes from when I have time to cook...not much time, not many recipes, but I'll add more when I get a chance.

In the Mood for Cape Cod
Pure relaxation.  I matched some verses of well-known poetry with pictures taken in Wellfleet and Eastham.

A Dictionary of the Yankee Language
Terms and phrases from old New England and slang that you won't heard anywhere else in the country unlss you run into a transplanted Yankee.

The 100 Year Storm--the Blizzard of 2005
Just so you know, it DOES snow on Cape Cod occasionally, despite what they say!  And this storm dumped over 3 feet of snow.  Later, Mother Nature did her stacking trick, freezing the bay and washing huge slabs of salt water ice ashore with every tide.

And if that wasn't enough for one year, we finished with a bang too!  Or more like the roar of jet engines, as a rare meteorological occurance brought two weather fronts together in a head-on collision with such an impact that it literally fractured the jet stream, sending bolts of hurricane-force winds straight down.  When these hit the ground, it was with such force that trees were flattened outward in a circle, like the spokes on a wheel...peculiar to witness and more than a little scary.

My Cloud Gallery:  Under construction--adding more

Just what it says.  Right-click a map and save it in your computer.  It will print a full-page town map of Wellfleet or Eastham.

Start anywhere and use the links below to continue your reading.   
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