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You have the time, you want to get away, and it seems Outer Cape Cod has crawled into a quahog shell and snapped closed.  Not true.  The beaches are open and free.  The sky is unlimited, and the roads are nearly bare of cars.  Some resturants and shops are open year-round.  True, it does not have the same boom box and suntan lotion affect on your senses, but fishing boats still ply the waters, gulls circle, and the sun leans at an angle that makes heaven seem closer. The Outer Cape's residents, many of whom once came here just to feel the Cape's off-season as you may do, have wrapped up their summer businesses as tightly and skillfully as the oldtimers made beach plum jelly and canned fruits and vegetables for the coming winter, and are now ready to relax and meet friends.

There are motels open all year, and guest rooms of small B&Bs in people's homes are waiting and ready, but neither feels like home.   Most of the cottages and homes that rent during the summer have set their hair, removed their make-up, and pulled down their shades, or even boarded their windows against the sharp blasts of winter's sand and salt spray.  Stripped of their summer charm, they have gone into peaceful hibernation until late spring when the winds again shift and become gentle.  But here and there a brave house
stands proud, wrapped in a cloak of insulation and carrying a source of heat against the ocean storms that can rattle the Outer Cape, indifferent to the occasional bad weather,  ready to greet you.  

Shaw is one such house.  Sitting on one of our "roads to nowhere", and tucked away abutting a placid conservation area, the Shaw house awaits guests for a week here and there all year.  Come relearn what millie and maggie and molly and mae
found at a beach so quiet they had only themselves for company.  Come see the Outer Cape as Thoreau lived it.  Read the children's book, "When Cape Cod Men Saved Lives" to your kids, and visit the site of a pre-Coast Guard lifesaavers' shack in Wellfleet.  Come see ice floes stacked on the bay beaches as high as houses, but do not walk on them.  They glow with the ghosts of those who tried before you.  Come stay in a warm, welcoming home.  Click here to see this year-round house available during any season.  

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