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Most agencies require the balance be mailed as much as a month ahead.   We do not do that because some of our
tenants are attending continuing education seminars and in some cases must requisition their balance payments no more
than 2 weeks before they arrive.  However, it means making some concessions inexchange for the extra time.

Tenants may choose either to arrive at our office at (or after) 2 PM to pay the balance and get keys, the traditional
method of checking-in, or may expedite the check-in process by mailing the balance in advance. If we receive the deposit
at least 3 days before the check-in date, and it is in the correct format, then keys and directions to the rental property are
placed in envelopes in a box outside our office which is unlocked at 2 PM on Saturday.* It is not necessary to wait in line or
even enter our office. Expedited Check-In is also appropriate for tenants who may arrive after we close or who do not plan
to arrive until Sunday. We require that the rent be paid in full before we can turn over the key to the property; paying
in advance guarantees access if you arrive when we are not open. The check-in letter, which will be mailed
3 weeks prior to your arrival, explains the type of checks we can accept and how your check should be written.

*Please do not drop by our office early on Saturday and try to pay so that you can avoid checking in.   The check-in
envelopes for Expedited Check-In are filled and posted in advance for people who chose to pay in advance.  Saturday
mornings are devoted to check-outs, cleaning, and any necessary last-minute repairs.  

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